Server Rules

Situations in Rust can vary so it is therefore very hard to define everthing. If you find yourself in a situation which is not listed but feels wrong, please reach out to the RustOps staff team via Discord to get support.

Many of these offenses will receive a warning first, but some warrant outright bans.

Community Rules

All server rules must be followed else you will be removed from the community.

1) Try and help new players.
2) Do not be a major troll in chat, respect others.
3) Do not block access ( with walls to monuments)
4) Do not abuse game breaking bugs.
5) Do not impersinate other players or staff
6) No cheating and no second chances, you will be banned.
7) DDoS threats or real life threats are not allowed.
8) Do not leak any personal information.
9) English in global chat.

Group limit rules

What constitutes breaking the group limit?

This is the limit to which you can roam, raid, base build and protect. There is no way around this group limit and any attempt to work around the rules will result in a ban.

RustOps #1: No limit
RustOps #2: 5 Man limit
RustOps #3: 5 Man limit
RustOps #4: 5 Man limit
RustOps #5: 3 Man limit
RustOps #6: 3 Man limit
RustOps #7: 5 Man limit
The Aquarium: No limit